The Commission's 22-member advisory board members serve by appointment only - half are appointed by The Mayor of Memphis and half by The Mayor of Shelby County.

The Commission Board's activities are governed by strict City/County conflict-of-interest policies. Although recruitment is a staff activity, Board members serve as valuable advisors to the staff and ambassadors to the community.

The entire Commission Board of Directors meets every other month to review Commission internal affairs and receive production updates. An Executive Committee of current officers and past chairmen also meets with the staff.

The entire Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Board of Directors includes citizens from impressive and very diverse backgrounds: production, medicine, dentistry, law, corporate communications, education, music, writing, film exhibition, choreography, theatre, fashion, and economic development. The individual board members' names and board positions are as follows: 

Board Officers:

Chairman: Gale Jones Carson
Vice-Chairman: Alicia Boldreghini George
Treasurer: Dr. Susan Murrmann
Secretary: Fabian Matthews
Chairman, Budget & Finance: Dr. O’Farrell Shoemaker

Board Executive Committee:

Chairman Emeritus: Herb O’Mell (Ex-Officio)
Chairman Emeritus: Donna Darwin (Ex-Officio)
Chairman Emeritus: Dr. Richard Ranta
Chairman Emeritus: Knox Phillips (Ex-Officio)
Chairman Emeritus: Calvin Miller (Ex-Officio)
Chairman Emeritus: James "Jimmy" Tashie
Chairman Emeritus: Blanchard E. Tual, Esquire (Ex-Officio)
Chairman Emeritus: David Porter (Ex-Officio)


Rachel Belz

Kevin Brooks

Joshua Cotten

Emma Crystal

Morgan Jon Fox

Art Gilliam

Robert Gordon

Pamela WIlliams Kelly, Esquire

Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell

Jackie Nichols

Robin Orgel

Katherine Vergos Riederer

Steven J. Ross

Pat Kerr Tigrett

Jeanette Watkins