"Shooting Hustle & Flow in Memphis allowed us to capture the essence of Craig Brewer’s script with the minimum amount of hassle.  The film commission was extremely helpful in introducing us to local businesses and securing picture perfect locations. Locals welcomed us with open arms. My only warning is to watch out for the myriad of great restaurants featuring fabulous local musicians. You might just want to stay.”



“There’s no better place in the world to make a movie than Memphis. It’s the people, and the generosity of spirit, and the locations, and the history – all of those things together are part of the Memphis filmmaking experience. It’s also got the best film commission in America. Linn Sitler and Sharon O’Guin have the keys to all the city has to offer, and they make sure the doors are opened for you.”


CEO / Thinkfactory

"It was a pleasure shooting “Million Dollar Quartet” in one of America’s most beautiful and iconic cities. I am so grateful for the hospitality that all the residents and the City of Memphis showed us. This show is Memphis’ show.  Memphis is a big city with a small town charm, and without the support of the local businesses and residents, the production value wouldn’t have been the same and for that I thank you all.”



“I have filmed in over 30 states and I can confidently say that the assistance your production gets from Linn and Sharon surpasses practically every other state film commission. They are always eager and available to help your production and they treat each film personally as if it were their own production. I have shot several films in Memphis and I can’t wait to return.”

Morgan Jon Fox


"I continue to shoot in Memphis because we have an incredible talent pool to work with at every crew level, really diverse locations, and an extremely film friendly atmosphere."

Quarry by Jay Roewe and Michael Askin

Jay RoewE
Michael Askin


"The producers, cast and crew of “Quarry” had a terrific experience filming in Memphis.  The Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission and the local production community were there every step of the way to help us coordinate logistics and accomplish everything we set out to capture.  They worked effortlessly to ensure a very pleasant experience."



“There are few places in America, even the world, as conducive to filmmaking as Memphis. It’s the creativity of the place, I think. Creativity sings and dances and exalts in Memphis. If you’re not creating, then you are thinking about creating.”